More to the Story: Chris Anglin, Democrat Plant

Chris Anglin

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... It's probably a duck. Meet Chris Anglin, the Democrat duck trying to convince voters he's a Republican.


Anglin is a Florida native who attended college at Wake Forest University in North Carolina and decided to

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 stay in the state afterearning a law degree from Elon University.

Anglin has zero judicial experience and limited legal experience, having only been practicing law in North Carolina since October 2011.

While living in Florida, the Florida Board of Elections confirmed that he was registered as an independent and only voted on three occasions.

His voter registration in Florida was removed in 2012 for inactivity. That same year, Anglin registered to vote in North Carolina as a Democrat and official records that show he has voted on only two occasions since then.

Chris Anglin - Democrat

Just prior to entering the NC Supreme Court race, Anglin switched his voter registration to Republican.

Anglin and his campaign are also being aided by long-time North Carolina Democrat operative Perry Woods and is Facebook friends with both Woods and one of Governor Cooper’s top advisers, Ken Eudy.

In addition to the ties to Woods and Eudy, Anglin is also “following” one of Wake County’s most active Democrats - Brian Fitzsimmons.

Chris Anglin - Brian Fitzsimmons

Of note on the Anglin Law Firm’s Facebook page is a painful to watch advertisement featuring people having ‘personal accidents’.

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Despite repeatedly claiming he is not a “Democrat Plant,” Anglin’s campaign Facebook page posted that suggests his candidacy can help Democrat candidate Anita Earls get onto the Supreme Court.

Chris Anglin - Bragging Article Helping Dems

Biography of Chris Anglin

Name: Christopher James Anglin

Birthdate: December 6, 1985

Political Affiliation: Republican (But was a Democrat up until he filed to run for office)

Current: Personal Injury Attorney at his own Firm, Anglin Law


  • Elon University School of Law (2011)
  • Wake Forest University, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science (2008)

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