Democrat Governor Roy Cooper holds the dubious distinction for most vetoes issued by any North Carolina governor in state history.

As our latest video illustrated, Democrat Governor Roy Cooper holds the dubious distinction for most vetoes issued by any North Carolina governor in state history.

Despite his claims in his inaugural address to be ‘bipartisan’ and to ‘work across the aisle, Roy Cooper has racked up an astounding 25 vetoes in less than two years in office.

Cooper also has the distinction of vetoing two state budgets in a row – both of which contained raises for state employees and teachers. Cooper’s 2018 budget proposal included billions in spending increases, raised taxes and contained a spreadsheet ‘error’ which would have put NC in the red to the tune of $470 million dollars.

These vetoes have not gone unaddressed. The General Assembly has overridden Cooper’s vetoes 20 times. That’s an 80% override rate.

Check out Cooper’s record-breaking veto list for yourself:

  1. House Bill 3, Ballot Designations/Referenda- First Extra Session 2018, (Veto Overridden on 8/4/2018)
  2. Senate Bill 3, Party Disclosure/2018 Judicial Races- First Extra Session 2018, (Veto Overridden on 8/4/2018)
  3. House Bill 131, Motions for Appropriate Relief
  4. House Bill 374, Regulatory Reform Act of 2018(Veto Overridden 6/27/2018)
  5. House Bill 382, DOI Omnibus(Veto Overridden 6/27/2018)
  6. House Bill 717, Judicial Elections Changes(Veto Overridden 6/27/2018)
  7. House Bill 1055, Retirement Complexity Reduction Act of 2018
  8. Senate Bill 486, The Elections Security and Transparency Act.(Veto Overridden 6/20/2018)
  9. Senate Bill 325, The Uniform & Expanded Early Voting Act.(Veto Overridden 6/27/2018)
  10. Senate Bill 711, NC Farm Act of 2018.(Veto Overridden 6/27/2018)
  11. Senate Bill 757, Various Court Districts Changes.(Veto Overridden 6/20/2018)
  12. Senate Bill 99, Appropriations Act of 2018.(Veto Overridden 6/12/2018)
  13. Senate Bill 656, Electoral Freedom Act of 2017.(Veto Overridden 10/17/2017)
  14. House Bill 56, Amend Environmental Laws.(Veto Overridden 10/4/2017)
  15. House Bill 770, Various Clarifying Changes.(Veto Overridden 8/30/2017)
  16. Senate Bill 16, Business Regulatory Reform Act of 2017.(Veto Overridden 10/5/2017)
  17. House Bill 140, Dental Plans Provider Contracts/Transparency.(Veto Overridden 8/30/2017)
  18. House Bill 205, WC Changes/Legal Notice Modernization.
  19. House Bill 511, Game Nights/Nonprofit Fund-Raiser.
  20. House Bill 576, Allow Aerosolization of Leachate.
  21. House Bill 100, Restore Partisan Elections/Sup. & Dist. Court.(Veto Overridden 3/23/2017)
  22. Senate Bill 257, Appropriations Act of 2017.(Veto Overridden 6/28/2017)
  23. House Bill 467, Agriculture and Forestry Nuisance Remedies.(Veto Overridden 5/11/2017)
  24. Senate Bill 68, Bipartisan Bd of Elections and Ethics Enforce.(Veto Overridden 4/25/2017)
  25. House Bill 239, Reduce Court of Appeals to 12 Judges.(Veto Overridden 4/26/2017)
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