More To The Story: The People Want Voter ID

The numbers don't lie. Voter ID has broad support among NC voters.

NC Voter ID

As referenced in the latest video from Resolute Free Press, a whopping 69% of registered voters in North Carolina agree with the following statement:

“Every person offering to vote in person shall present photo identification before voting in the manner prescribed by law.”

Opponents, including groups such as the NC NAACP would have you believe that implementing voter ID laws would make our state racist. But the reality is there is no basis to this claim. The Left, Democrats, and groups like the NC NAACP would love for the public to believe that it is only old white Republicans who support voter ID laws, this is simply untrue.

If you look carefully at the cross tabs of this poll, you’ll find that 45% of black voters and 34% of Hispanic voters support the voter ID amendment. Are these voters racist? If minority groups are truly disenfranchised by such an amendment, why would they agree it should even be considered?

Unaffiliated voters have shown strong support for voter ID laws as well. Just look at the Civitas Institute’s annual poll of unaffiliated voters revealed in August of 2017 that 71% of those polled support voter ID laws.

Furthermore, you don’t need to look very far to find additional polling that supports the findings of the Civitas polls.

In fact, an Elon University Poll from 2013 uncovered strong support as well, revealing that 72% of voters, including 74% of independents and 52% of democrats, support voter ID laws.

And this reflects the sentiment of voters across the entire country: 80%, or 4 out of 5 registered U.S. voters support voter ID.

So who are these groups on the Left kidding?

It is clear that the age-old, tired tactic of crying “racist” is ineffective. Because if it were true that voter ID laws are racist to the core, wouldn’t that make supporters of voter ID laws racists? And since such a strong majority of North Carolina voters support voter ID laws, it seems these groups on the Left are accusing the majority of North Carolinians of being… racists.

Surely this is a disingenuous accusation, leveraged to fundraise. Why else deter companies from doing business in our “racist” state? This tactic, based on an entirely false premise, is nothing short of sabotage implemented for political gain.

The numbers speak for themselves. Across the board, North Carolina voters support voter ID laws and secure elections.

Resolute Free Press