Cooper's Vetoes: Productive or Political Grandstanding?

Governor Cooper once promised to work with legislators across the aisle, but his record-breaking vetoes suggest otherwise.

Hurricane Matthew: Where is the Relief?

It's been almost 2 years since Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina, leaving devastation for many families in its wake. How many recovery projects have been completed since then? Zero. Here's why.

More to the Story: Hurricane Matthew, Roy Cooper and IEM

As noted in our latest video, the lack of relief getting to the North Carolina victims of Hurricane Matthew is tragic. Almost two years later, not a single recovery project has been completed.

More To The Story: IEM’s Performance Deficiency Problems

According to information obtained by Resolute Free Press, IEM has had to deal with complaints about their work in multiple states. As we pointed out in our video, IEM racked up 443 deficiency letters and notifications of performance penalties for their work in Louisiana alone.

NC Votes: Supreme Court Justice Candidates

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